Scanning Solutions

Using the Market Leader Scanning Engines and Software (Datacap – an IBM Company)

We provide full scanning services on-site, remotely and via internet.

All standardised foms can now be Scanned and data extracted Automatically dramatically reducing the amount of Data Entry you do.

  • Less Manual Data Entry
  • Less Entry errors
  • No Double Entry anymore
  • Scalable

Form Design Services

We can design more ‘Scanner Friendly’ forms to increase accuracy of Data Extraction.

Handprint Recognition

With constrained fields and good form design most Hand Print forms can also be Scanned and have the Data Extracted into electronic format for entry into Databases.


Digital Imaging vs Paper

Over the last 30 years the internet and use of computers has changed the way we work. The change is still taking place and this is possibly the most important and cost effective change to come.

Be green and reduce waste

Be green and reduce waste
Less paper use means less demands put on our planet
In this case it also means less expense for your business.


This is where and how it will reduce your running costs and make your business more efficient

  • Leased Office Space for filing
  • Document Retrieval
  • Simultaneous access to the same document
  • Archive Retrieval and Storage
  • Remote Access to Documents

Free Assessment if this will work for your business

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Contact us now.


Document Management

Manage your documents and be able to retrieve them from anywhere at anytime using Market Leading Document Management Software. (Hyland Onbase)

Once you have documents scanned in you want to be able to retrieve them (and so will your staff) as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You will want to be able to us it with existing software including Microsoft Outlook

Look no further



Electronic Archiving is efficient, cost effectiev and requires no special equipment to view them

Electronic Archiving brings dormant documents to life again.

They are now easily accessible and storage space is minimal.

We also provide full encrypted off-site storage services which can be accessed via a browser using your password.