Backup Data

Here are the many reasons why NOT backing up data can cost you more than you realise.

  • Downtime for paid staff
  • Customer and Client information not accessible
  • Vital information lost for good
  • Re-build your systems from scratch taking hours/days
  • Fire and water damage
  • Hardware crash

Here are the many reasons why you SHOULD backup your data with us.

  • On-site and remote backup options
  • Fully encrypted data that no-one can de-cypher without your key
  • We backup our backups daily
  • Automated backup systems that dont interfere with your daily use of your computers

Backup Solutions

We provide a range of options for backing up your systems .

Our systems automatically backup your data when your computer is not being used so you are not slowed down while working.

All remote data is backed up using 256-bit encryption onto servers based in NZ Datacentres only.

  • We will install software either on-site or remotely via our secure network
  • All data is encrypted then sent thru an encrypted connection (Bank Grade)to ensure 100% security
  • You can access your data at anytime 24/7 via any web browser.

On-Site or Remote Backup?

Onsite Backup

External Hard Drives are a popular option today because they are simple to use and can be easily plugged in via any USB port..


Remote Backup
If your data on site is damaged, destroyed or compromised your Remote Backup will not be effected at all.
You can access it from any web browser making restoring systems more efficient and reducing the time and money you would have lost if still not online.